Lone Peak Cable Car at Big Sky, MT, is Nearing Completion

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It’s starting to look real with the tram cabin hanging from the ropes and the first snow on the ground at Big Sky, MT. | Picture: supplied by Big Sky

With winter fast approaching and snow on Lone Peak, construction of the Lone Peak Tram at Big Sky, MT, is in its final stages. Over the past few weeks, the haul rope has been pulled and spliced, allowing for the most exciting step yet: the two 6,600-pound cabins now hang on the lines.

The cabins were transported (very carefully) to the bottom terminal of the tram via truck and lifted off the truck bed with a crane and onto the track ropes. Cabins were then secured to the haul rope and led to the bottom terminal.

The new Lone Peak Tram cabing at Big Sky is being lifted onto the ropes. | Picture: supplied by Big Sky

Each cabin installation takes about a half day. With both cabins installed, they will journey to the top terminal where electronic components are completed, and the final step begins: load testing.

The new Lone Peak Tram will have a total capacity of 75 people per cabin. Each of the Doppelmayr Garaventa cabins has 12 seats and offers spectacular views in summer through glass floor elements. During the winter season, the capacity will be restricted based on mountain and operating conditions to preserve the experience of skiing and riding the Tram. Ski patrol will determine a safe capacity based on open terrain, conditions, and weather.

After final load testing, the Lone Peak cable car will be ready for operations. | Picture: supplied by Big Sky

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