GoFundMe Launched for Utah Skier Louis Arevalo Who Was Seriously Injured Skiing

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Louis arevalo, gofundme
Louis Arevalo. Credit: GoFundMe

On February 19th, a pillar of the Wasatch and adventure sports community nationally, Louis Arevalo had an accident while skiing. He has rallied and supported so many of us and our causes–now it is time to rally around Louis and Jacki and the whole Arevalo family to support this next phase of life. That journey starts today!

We’re not sure yet of total costs, but here’s what we’re going to need financial resources and time and your skills for–feel free to leave a note with us and we can get back to you as well to schedule time if you have the skills necessary, or know someone who does that can help out with.

  • Home modifications (needed quickly!)
  • Ramps for front and back patios/doors
  • Bathroom remodel for WC accessibility
  • Call out for both $ donations and labor from friends with skills

Next up, are funds needed for medical expenses, rescue effort, and adaptive equipment.

You all continue to be amazing humans! Thank you! We just passed $50,000!! Thank you for the financial support, the love, good vibes, and so many other offers of help!

The plan is to get back to y’all and let you help when possible!

Better and more frequent updates on Louis—and now an excellent recap are here:


Y’all are great humans!

You can learn more about what is happening and follow along here: https://whatisupwithlouis.blogspot.com/2020/02/thank-you-to-everyone-for-your.html. More updates and information will be provided as available or feel free to reach out to Esther or Stacy as needed–you can also do that via GoFundMe.

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