5,000-Points! Naked Skiers Photographed Atop Scottish Mountain

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naked skiers, scotland,
Credit: George Robertson

5,000-points each! Shane McConkey would be so proud…

A pair of naked skiers were spotted atop a Scottish mountain over the weekend as temperatures dropped below freezing.

naked skiers, scotland,
Credit: George Robertson

The man and woman were on the 4,000-foot Cairn Gorm in the Scottish Highlands. A bird watcher spied them through his binoculars before snapping the pics.

“They could obviously see other people were on the mountain because we were clearly in their line of sight but they just carried on doing what they were doing, and then dressed and skied off. I wasn’t offended by it but I just thought it was a bit odd-looking like that hundreds of meters up a mountain with snow on the ground.”

– Bird watcher George Robertson

Being naked in public in England and Wales is not an offense, although it does become a crime if a complainant can prove the nudist’s intention was to offend and shock. In Scotland, where these pictures were taken, it is a common-law offense. Again, the test is whether a member of the public has been alarmed or disturbed by the public show.

According to Wikipedia, Cairn Gorm is a mountain and listed Munro in the Scottish Highlands. It is part of the Cairngorms range and wider Grampian Mountains. With a summit elevation of 4,084 ft (1,245 m), Cairn Gorm is the seventh-highest mountain in the British Isles. The high, broad domed summit overlooking Strathspey is one of the most readily identifiable mountains from the nearby town and regional centre of Aviemore.

Cairn Gorm, Scotland

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