Hiker Injured After Stepping on Nail Trap Left by PETA Activist

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Peta, nail trap,
‘PETA PAYBAK’. Credit: Tyler Mayo

A hiker suffered deep puncture wounds to his heel after stepping on a nail trap set by a PETA activist in the North Carolina wilderness.

Tyler Mayo and his friends were walking their dogs on Sunday in a remote area of western North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest when the excruciating incident happened. A trap, made of plywood and twelve two-inch nails with the points facing up, was buried in a road and camouflaged with leaves. Two of the nails buried themselves deep in his heel.

On the reverse of the traps was the message “PETA PAYBAK”. As well as being popular with hikers and mountain bikers, the area is also frequented by hunters. Ironically, if an animal had stepped on the traps, they would have caught an infection and suffered a long, painful death.

Peta, nail trap,
More than one trap was hidden on the trail.Credit: Tyler Mayo

PETA vehemently denies any involvement and is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

“Reportedly, the makeshift traps had the words “PETA Paybak” [sic] scrawled across them, but we not only detest violence to any living beings, we can spell.”

– PETA President Ingrid Newkirk

Peta, nail trap,
Ouch! Two puncture holes in his heel. Credit: Tyler Mayo

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