14-Year-Old Girl is UK’s First Quadruple Amputee Snowboarder

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quadruple amputee, meningitis
14-year old Ellie learning to snowboard. Credit: The Sun

14-year-old Ellie Challis is on her way to being the first quadruple amputee in the UK to master a snowboard. Ellie, who lost all four limbs to meningitis as a toddler, is already a champion para-swimmer but has now set herself the new challenge and is already practicing on artificial indoor ski slopes, reports The Sun.

Her ability to ride is made possible by prosthetic “stubbies” that slot over her legs and clip on to a snowboard, much like boots do for regular snowboarders. She has been training with instructors from charity Disability Snowsport UK and is now preparing to take her first snowboarding holiday to Andorra in March with her sister Tai’la, 19.

She told The Sun: “I’m so excited to go on holiday with my sister and really enjoying learning to snowboard.”

It is thought Ellie, of Little ­Clacton, Essex, is Britain’s first quadruple amputee to take up the sport and one of just a few in the world.

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