[VIDEO] Summer Ski Trip on Mount Rainier, WA, Via Emmons Glacier

SnowBrains |

Three weeks after our failed attempt we returned. Our only condition on returning was three continuous days of absolutely pristine weather. A tall order for the state of Washington.

After a couple of weeks of watching the weather as closely as possible nature blessed us with the impossible, good weather. Unfortunately, Aaron could not make it but he did give us his blessing to ski Mount Rainier via Emmons Glacier without him.

We started late because permits must be acquired and forms must be filled out. After cutting through the red tape we were off up the glacier basin trail and to the base of the Interglacier. The fun started for us at camp Sherman which was all new territory. Also, let me just point out here that I’m joking when I say “the gear we don’t know how to use.” Of course we know how to use it…. in theory. After adorning ourselves with metal and rope we worked our way up this surprisingly steep route.

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