What a Difference a Year Makes | Satellite Images a Year Apart Show Difference in Utah’s Snowpack

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utah snowpack
2022 (l) v 2023 (r). Credit: NWS

What a difference a year makes! These satellite images of Utah taken a year apart show the impact of the record-breaking snowfall this winter compared to last year.

Utah’s snowpack is currently between 127-210% of normal, or about 170% statewide. This time last year, it was 70% of normal.

Current status of Utah’s snowpack. Credit: USDA

During the first few days of January, Utah ski resorts had the most snow of all ski resorts on Earth.

The NWS claims that should it not snow between now and April 1st (peak snowpack), Utah would still finish the year with an average snowpack. The state surpassed last year’s total snowpack on January 12th.

“With still 60 days until normal peak snowpack, if it didn’t snow at all between now and then we’d still have an “average” season.”

– NWS Salt Lake City

Current Utah snowpack. Credit: NWS

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