College Students Can Save Up To 47% Off an Ikon Pass

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Students can save big on the Ikon Pass. Credit: RED Resort

The Ikon Pass is already a great deal––around $1,000 for unlimited skiing at the best ski resorts in the world. If you’re a hard-up college student, you may not know that you can get the same pass for significantly less.

Students can purchase the Ikon Pass for $639, that’s a huge saving of $510, or 44%, off the full price of $1,149.

The base pass, which costs $879, is available to students for $469, a massive saving of $410, or 47%. 

Just three days skiing at one of the country’s top resorts and the pass will have paid for itself––it’s like every ski day after that is free––leaving you with extra cash to spend on things like, you know, food. Or beer. Or new skis.

ikon pass,
Ikon Pass student pricing. Credit: Ikon Pass

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