Top 9 Season Snowfall Totals in North America Right Now

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Mammoth Mountain has seen 675″ of snowfall at its summit this winter. Wow. | Credit: Mammoth Mountain

We live in a snow globe. 

It’s nice in here, and the snow is always soft.

We haven’t seen the sun in a minute, but couldn’t care less.

We’re too busy skiing the deep at the resorts on this list. 

Ski resorts with the most snowfall this season to date…

*All snow totals are taken from ski resort websites when writing (09:00 AM PST, 4/7/23), and summit totals are used where possible.*

#9 Kirkwood, CA: 705″

Credit: China Peak Facebook

#8 Dodge Ridge, CA: 731″

Dodge Ridge, CA. | Photo: Dodge Ridge

#7 Boreal, CA: 729″

Boreal Mountain, CA. Powder Town! Credit: Boreal Facebook

#6 Sugar Bowl, CA: 776″

Powder Tahoe
Powder Day at Sugar Bowl in Tahoe | Picture: Sugar Bowl Resort

#5 Solitude, UT: 780

Awesome conditions at Solitude. Credit: Resort

#4 Snowbird, UT: 809″

More snow already than the entire 21/22 season. Credit: Snowbird

#3 Brighton, UT: 850″

Photo courtesy of Brighton Facebook

#2 Alta, UT: 877″

Getting pitted at Alta. Credit: Resort

#1 Mammoth, CA: 882″

Mammoth coming in at the #1 snowfall total in North America with 882″. | Credit: Mammoth Mountain

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21 thoughts on “Top 9 Season Snowfall Totals in North America Right Now

  1. Powder King should be losted in 8th position.
    They don’t post the total on their website but it can be obtained if tracked from the beginning of the season.

  2. It is accurate this time. Canadian ski resorts have been having a far below average snow year. That being said, good ol’ consistent Powder King is the exception with approx 375″ so far which is about right on average for them by this date.

  3. I have a very hard time believing that nowhere in Canada had enough snowfall to find a place on this list…

  4. Why is Mammoth reported as the summit total? That is misleading but doesn’t surprise me coming from this site

  5. Still ahead of mammoth, summit totals don’t count. Top 4 for snow totals in North America are all in Utah, I’d say Brighton is doing just fine.

  6. Summit totals don’t count, as is the widely accepted and established industry standard.
    A website about snow should know this. Or is this a clickbait paid sponsorship site? Oh wait..

  7. Brighton lies about their snow totals, they’ll reduce their cumulative snowfall at the end of the season. They over-reported all last season and made a last week adjustment in April last season. I’d estimate Brighton overreports by about 10% until the end of the season

  8. … 395″ at my go to (as of 1/21/23) and not on this list (would be #2 in CA). COULDN’T BE HAPPIER. Thank you for not putting (??????? remains nameless) on the list.

  9. Only one getting the big goods in CO, Steamboat at 148ish. Been really cold and snow quality is amazing though. Neutral coming soon, which means dumpage here. Lets hope!!

  10. Skiing last week at JH was great… super coverage, fresh snow and ZERO crowds it was unbelievable for the first week of December. Not sure we can top those three days.

  11. Powder King 123″
    Silver Star 92″
    Castle 86″
    Big White 79″
    Apex 67″

    All are open. Many more hills opening tomorrow, Dec.3

  12. #10 Alpental isn’t open yet. The Summit at Snoqualmie did open today, but only Summit West, not Alpental.

  13. Mammoth #6 was awesome a week ago. open from Canyon to top. All the good trails off the top are open. About to open the lowest lift in town. The 60 inches, being a bit heavier packs down really well. Over half the trails open.

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