The Future of Sport Communications? YoAudio Launches Kickstarter Pre-Order Campaign For New Device

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YoAudio, the new wave in activity communication devices, launched a high-fidelity sports action connector yesterday on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Yo lets users share experiences whether hitting the slopes on a family ski trip or riding off-road mountain bike trails with friends. Yo is a rugged, small communication device that clips onto multiple styles of helmets and goggles. Yo provides its wearer with reliable, long-range crystal clear open communication and industry-leading battery life.

Starting to ship to Kickstarter Backers in time for ski season (January 2023), Yo’s unique tech does not rely on cellular. Yo pairs via Bluetooth 5.1 and once paired, users can communicate with clear audio at over 2000ft – with just the tap of a button.

Yo has been designed and developed over three years and has been through extensive testing all over the world. It benefits from high-tech wind-sound reduction technology that means users can hear each other even at altitude with inclement weather. Yo packs in up to 24 hours of battery life on a single charge, so adventurers can stay connected wherever they go.

Consumer Testing revealed great enthusiasm for YoAudio:

“Today we just yell on the mountain or try to use our phones but have to take off so much gear in the process – this is just so much simpler”

“This would help keep our group together and avoid safety concerns around someone getting lost or hurt. Just think of the time saved in locating someone, it really could be the difference”

“This helps us make adjustments to our plan on the fly so we don’t waste time or have to stop all the time”

“I love that this connects to whatever I’m wearing for any activity. It’s really versatile”

Harry Dewhirst, Founder & Ex-Global CEO of Linksys, said, “At YoAudio, our mission is simple: Keep people connected, no matter where they are. We are a community of skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers – action enthusiasts and families –  who wanted to find a way to always stay safe and connected,  instead of shouting across hilltops and roads.

Lubbo, Co-Founder said, “When you’re off the beaten track, phone signal always lets you down, so how can you make sure that you, your friends, and family have even more fun …share the vibe and stay safe. Enter YoAudio, we have modernized sport communication using Bluetooth 5.1 – made hands-free, with a one-touch mute, boosted range, and exceptional battery life. With only three buttons The outcome is the perfect companion for  adventures!’

Harry added, “And Yo is just the start. We are excited to bring our backers with us on this journey as we look to find new ways for everyone to share experiences in real time.”

The full retail price for the YoAudio will be $299 for a pair. However, early bird Kickstarter backers will receive the product for $199 (a 30% discount).

Credit: YoAudio

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