[VIDEO] Antarctica Ski Trip 2023 | Day #3 = Nansen Island in a Fierce Blizzard, Grease Ice, and Significant Avalanches

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Antarctica Ski Day #3

Yesterday = Nansen Island in a fierce blizzard! We’d never experienced such a white-out blizzard in Antarctica before, and we gotta say that it was exhilarating, and we can’t complain about powder skiing.

We’d also never experienced “grease ice” (slushy sea ice) before, and the stuff is wild. The grease ice turned the entire zone down here into another world.

It must have been snowing over an inch per hour out there, and we heard and saw some significant avalanches come down into the ocean off nearby Enterprise Island.

We kept it mellow and even had a big old party ski and enjoyed the tar out of some long zodiac rides through the icebergs and forming sea ice. What an adventure!

The juxtaposition of the extreme weather and the luxury of the Ocean Albatros is vicious. Imagine being in this whiteout storm and then minutes later being in an elevator.

Thanks, Antarctica!

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