[VIDEO] Hail Storm in Reutlingen, Germany, Blankets Local Streets With Thick, Snow-Like Layer

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The streets in downtown Reutlingen, Germany, were covered in a thick snow-like layer of hail. | Picture: Michaeldonthmdb Instagram


A hail storm hit the town of Reutlingen in the southern German state of Baden-Würtemberg on Friday, August 4, 2023. Reutlingen is located near Stuttgart and is home to leading international engineering, white goods and automotive manufacturer Bosch.

Snow ploughs usually used in winter months were brought out during August to help clear the roads. | Picture: Stadt Reutlingen Instagram


The sudden hail storm struck with such severity in short space of time, that it blanketed the old town of Reutlingen in a deep layer of snow-like hail. The grains of hail had a diameter of less than 1 inch, giving it a snow-like quality. As the hail fell inner city, the result was much more visible. 12 inches (30cm) of hail fell in a short period and leaves blown from the storm had clogged drains throughout town. This resulted in a spectacular ice river flowing through some parts of town, similar to the one witnessed in Milan, Italy, last month.


The masses of hail required emergency response personnel to come to the. City’s aid. | Picture: Stadt Reutlingen Instagram

The local fire department was called to aid with removal of the deep layer of hail, road services had to tow several cars that had gotten bogged down in the layers of hail, water and debris, snow ploughs were brought out to clear roads and piles of slushy hail carted off in large skips. While it is not that unusual to see hail storms in summer, the short time window combined with the urban setting, made this hail storm quite spectacular.



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