VIDEO: Snowing @ Squaw Valley, CA Right Now!

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It’s still summer and it’s snowing in Squaw Valley, California right now.

And it’s not just snowing in Squaw, it’s snowing all over Lake Tahoe today.

Bring it on!

Last season was Squaw Valley’s 3rd biggest snow year on record with 719″ of total snowfall and they were open until July 9th.

Snow on the lower mountain at Squaw today. image: squaw

Might they be able to pull off 2 huge snow years in a row?

We sure hope so.

Lake Tahoe saw it’s 1st snowfall of the year on September 10th last week on the Mt. Rose Highway.

There’s talk of Mt. Shasta, California seeing up to 2-Feet of snow this week…

Upper mountain snowmobile snowiness today. image: squaw

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