5 New Trends This Season on the Slopes, According to SnowBrains Readers

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turtle butt trends
Turtle Butt trends. Photo Credit: eBay

The 2022/2023 ski season is still going strong thanks to Mother Nature dumping records amounts of snow throughout the western and northeastern parts of the U.S., and here are some of the new trends our readers have noticed on the slopes this season.

“Turtle Butts”. What exactly is a “Turtle Butt,” you may ask? They were originally designed to protect skiers or riders (primarily children) from hurting their butts when they would crash, and it has started a new fad in the industry when it comes to fashion. They range in price from $20 to $90, depending on which brand you select, and can be easily bought online from any major distributor. I researched these “Turtle Butts” and could not find any of them that any ski or snowboarding companies manufactured. That is relevant because if these “Turtle Butts” are designed to protect skiers or riders from injury, then who is testing and verifying that they prevent injuries? Are they protecting skiers or riders from injuries when they fall? How long this fad will last is anyone’s guess, but it is important to note that in an industry known for its awareness of style and fashion, some trends go away as quickly as they came.

Our readers also pointed out another trend that has been taking place on the mountains this season, with skiers or riders carrying around speakers playing their music like they were at a house party. This can annoy other skiers and riders just trying to enjoy their day on the slopes without listening to someone playing their music at a very high volume and usually playing music that no one wants or has even heard. Somehow these people believe it is socially acceptable to be playing their music and everyone else around them should accept it. It is also important to point out that some of the music they are playing may be offensive, and while adults may look the other way, we must remember that there are children on the slopes as well, and they should be considerate of that. There are numerous options for people who still wish to listen to music while skiing or riding. Most major manufacturers of ski helmets have incorporated speakers or can add listening devices to their helmets via Bluetooth. Remember, you are not the only one on the mountain; others should not have to listen to your music just because you want to blast it. I believe resorts will address this issue over the summer and develop some policies before the beginning of next season to mitigate this.

Loud speaker trends. By Fraser: Photo Credit: Snowboardingdays.com

Oh! The return of the onesies! A hallmark back in the ’70s and ’80s. I remember learning to ski in the 70s as a child wearing a onesie, and I was so happy when it went away. They were bulky, hard to maneuver and walk in, and I felt like the Michelin man on skis. How did it make a comeback, and how much longer will we have to deal with looking at them? The onesie was at its height in the ski fashion world in the 80s when skiers wore all kinds of high-colored suits with extravagant designs. It was originally designed to keep skiers warmer than other outerwear and provided a quicker and easier way to get dressed and stay warm. In a sport that is highly conscience of its fashion sense, I cannot see the onesies making a complete comeback, and this might be a moment in time when we all miss the 80s and want to have a retro party.

onesie trends
Onesie trends! Photo Credit: @shinestythreads

“Jerry” is back and is larger than ever! According to National Ski Area Association statistics, the last ski season set a record with 10.7 million individual U.S. participants in snow sports. According to Forbes Magazine, over a million participants were first-time skiers or riders. This means we have more “Jerrys” out there this season than in previous ones. The participation numbers are up, according to most studies which is a good sign for the industry we all love. Many experienced skiers or riders have seen that one person on the slopes. “Jerry” does not know how to carry their skis correctly, they fall constantly, and they are always in the way or doing something that we all stop and laugh at and shake our heads. However, we all should be a little more self-aware and remember at some point in our skiing or riding life; we were all a “Jerry” at one point too. We will all have to find a way to cope with “Jerry” because it does not look like he is going anywhere anytime soon.

jerry trends
Photo Credit: Burton

Too much snow? Is this going to be a trend moving forward in upcoming seasons? Some of our readers said they were tired of all the snow they had received this season and wanted it to stop! With record snowfall accumulations throughout the western and northeastern parts of the U.S., I can understand that, at some point, enough is enough. However, as winter sports enthusiasts, it is hard to comprehend that any true fan of skiing or riding would want Mother Nature to stop bringing the snow. Some parts of the U.S. this season indeed got hit hard. However, some parts of the country did not get much snow at all, like the state of Pennsylvania. I guarantee you the state of PA would have taken a few feet of snow away from other parts of the U.S. in a heartbeat this season if they could have.

Mammoth Lakes, CA, Photo: Peter Morning, Mammoth Mountain

As we look forward to next winter, it should be pointed out that according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the precipitation and temperatures for next season are looking warmer and dryer than this one.   So, for all those readers who were tired of the snow this season, it seems like you will get some reprieve next season.

Thanks to all the readers who participated and reached out, and let us know what other trends you saw out there on the slopes this season.

Photo Credit: NOAA


Photo Credit: NOAA

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