Antarctica 2022 Report Day #1: Heavy Snowfall, Ripping Winds Then Good Soft Skiing & Penguins

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Report from November 7, 2022

Our 1st day in Antarctica with Ice Axe Expeditions in 3 years brought us to the continent itself.

Charlotte Bay.

We awoke to driving snow and ripping winds.

Continental views .image: snowbrains

We went back to bed…

When we came back, the weather had calmed.

We found about 45cms of new snow on the continent and it was stable and cheesy.

Spines. image: snowbrains

Cream cheesy 🙂

My clients and I skied 6 laps culminating in over 3,000-vertical-feet.

Good, soft snow skiing.

Boat guide Tara with ski guides David Bumganer & Miles and crews. image: snowbrains

We skied right until 6pm when the ship was scheduled to leave.

Hot showers, a white tablecloth dinner, and one stellar dessert helped us recover to another monster day the next day.

This was our 6th ski trip to Antarctica and we’ll be back for our 7th on November 27, 2022.

Please stay tuned for each of our 5 ski days on this trip this week right here on SnowBrains.

Thanks, Antarctica!

Note:  we will be putting together a full trip report about this entire trip soon



Tierra Del Fuego


Penguin and ship. image: snowbrains
Miles’ crew skinning up. image: snowbrains
Bill Barker above it all. image: snowbrains
Woke up to this. image: snowbrains
Guide lyfe. image: snowbrains
Dessert… image: snowbrains

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3 thoughts on “Antarctica 2022 Report Day #1: Heavy Snowfall, Ripping Winds Then Good Soft Skiing & Penguins

  1. Hello Wasnatch, I don’t think there is any reliable snow data from here… There are some manned stations like Arctowski but I’m not sure they do snow measurements and even then it would only be one point in a very large zone. Welcome 🙂

  2. Sweet write up!

    Is there any reliable data about how much snow this, or coastal adjacent region, gets? Or any guesses? I realize the continent is a desert and most snow is ancient, but still curious. Thanks!

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