Carv Digital Ski Coach is Offering 40% Off its Device in a Limited-Time Early-Bird Sale

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The Carv inserts contain pressure and motion sensors and slide into the shell of your boots under the liner. The battery pack clips onto your boot power strap.

In our never-ending quest to become better skiers, the SnowBrains team has put the Carv digital ski coach through its paces. Breya (racer) skied with it earlier in 2023, and Steven gave it a full review in 2022. We were impressed with the improvements in our skiing we could see in just a few days of usage.

We’ve noticed Carv units appearing in more and more skiers’ boots over the past few seasons, notably Ted Ligety’s (2x US Olympic Champion), and now they have 35,000 skiers receiving digital coaching from their boot-based sensors.

Ahead of the upcoming season, Carv is offering 40% off its device in a limited-time early-bird sale, which will be your best opportunity to get Carv at these discount levels. The wait is over and the sale is live from today, September 8th, 2023.

Ted Ligety worked with Carv to develop a real-time training mode to help you ski like an Olympian.

As data nerds ourselves (if it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen), we found the feedback from Carv to be insightful and accurate, resulting in actionable changes that we could make to improve much faster than normal.

When we unboxed Carv, we loved that the installation was straightforward, with simple tutorials to guide you through getting the inserts into your boots and calibrated before your first ski.

Steven’s Carv inserts just after unboxing. Credit: SnowBrains

The folks at Carv’s London, England HQ have teased exciting new features coming this winter. A new G-Force metric (which we can’t wait to try out) and a new Ski:IQ (overall skiing score) measurement, which takes into account slope steepness and snow conditions.

In short, Carv measures your technique 20 times per second using 72 pressure and motion sensors in its boot inserts. You’ll get a full technique analysis, with 13 different metrics measured on every turn. This tool will help you refine your balance, edge angle, and outside ski pressure to give you the tools to start ripping on snow this winter.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on Carv this winter, prices start from $218, which includes $99 for a 6-day membership plus $199 $119 for the device with the 40% saving. Head over to the website today to get your 40% saving before it ends.

Get it while it lasts! Credit: Carv

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