[VIDEO] Direct Weather Snowfall Forecast – Many Regions Across the US Can Expect Above-Average Snowfall

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According to Direct Weather’s snowfall forecast for the 2023-2024 winter season, many regions across the United States can expect above-average snowfall. Note, this is a more general snowfall forecast for the country and does not focus on mountains or ski areas.

The Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Ohio Valley, Great Lakes, Upper Midwest, Rockies, and mountainous West areas are projected to receive significant snowfall, with some areas seeing over 30 inches on average.

The presence of El Niño and the Nor’easter pattern could contribute to these above-average snowfall amounts. Storm tracks along the Eastern Seaboard can also bring significant snowfall, with the potential for major blizzards in some cases.

While slightly below-average snowfall is expected in some mountainous regions, it may not be noticeable due to the high average snowfall amounts. Overall, the forecast suggests a winter season with ample snowfall in several parts of the country.

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