The SnowBrains Podcast #21 | Doug Stoup – More North & South Poles Than Anyone on Earth, Pro Soccer Player, Mountain Guide, Founder Ice Axe Expeditions

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The SnowBrains Podcast is back! Episode #21 with Doug Stoup.

Brought to you by Scott Sports & Alta Ski Area

The SnowBrains Podcast is back! Today we’re launching season two with a brand new episode. Season two promises to be bigger and better, and we already have some fantastic guests lined up for your listening pleasure.

Launched in October 2020, The SnowBrains Podcast was an unmitigated success, breaking into the top 17% of all podcasts on Earth and exceeding our wildest dreams. Some of the big-name guests we interviewed were Bode Miller, Cody Townsend, Jeremy Jones, and Daron Rahlves.

My guest today is Doug Stoup. Doug has been to the north and south poles more than any other person on Earth. Doug has been to Antarctica 49 times. Doug has mountaineered all over the world including Ama Dablam and Earth’s 6th highest peak Cho Oyu in the Himalaya. He’s guided and skied for the camera with Warren Miller. Doug is the founder and owner of Ice Axe Expeditions, a guiding service that takes guests all over the world including Antarctica, the North Pole, Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard, the Amazon, and more. Oh, and he was a pro soccer player. No biggie…

“Mark was outside doing his morning business and I was in the tent melting some ice and snow to make water… I hear Mark scream––“he’s gonna kill me, he’s gonna kill me!’ So I unzip the tent, and about five meters away is a 12-foot tall polar bear standing on its hind legs, and Mark has a shovel in his hand trying to keep the polar bear at bay with his pants down by his ankles. He’s screaming ‘grab the gun, grab the gun!” I grab the gun, I load the gun. Petra’s the gun guy so he grabs the barrel of the gun, but he was in his sleeping bag, so it’s at around -50ºC and so he grabbed the metal barrel of the gun and ripped about ten layers of skin off his hand. So he’s screaming, Mark’s screaming, it was a little bit chaotic. We ended up shooting the gun in the air and scaring the bear away.”

– Doug Stoup

Please enjoy!


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The SnowBrains Podcast Episode #21 – Doug Stoup – | Brought to you by Alta Ski Area & Scott Sports

Recorded on July 28, 2021, in Park City, UT (Miles Clark) and Lake Tahoe, CA (Doug Stoup).

This episode was edited by Jared White.

Music by Chad Crouch

Host, producer, and creator = Miles Clark.

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  • The SnowBrains Podcast is hosted by professional freeskier, professional mountain guide, UC Berkeley Molecular Cell Biology graduate, and the Founder & CEO of SnowBrains, Miles Clark.
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