Eastern Sierra, CA Backcountry Report: Ellery Bowl’s “Chute Out” | Tioga Pass

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Report from June 18th, 2019

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Skis Used:  Scott Super Guide 105

Today we headed up to Tioga Pass to ski Chute Out in Ellery Bowl.

We were skinning by 8 am and it was hot and windless and we followed bear tracks up.

We’d been seeing the large cornices atop Ellery Bowl come down in both the mornings and afternoons so we gave them a wide berth.

Chute Out Alternate today. So Fun. image: snowbrains

As we got up near the cornice we witnessed the rubble and large blocks of ice that have come down in the past few days.

After booting to the top, we took a break to let the sun swing into the chutes and soften the snow a bit more.

Chute Out proper is still inaccessible without a rope due to a sagging but small cornice and some granite rocks guarding it.

Greggy and a mini crevasse in the snowfield at the bottom of Ellery Bowl. image: snowbrains

I opted for Chute Out Alternate, just west of Chute Out proper.

Greggy went for Banana Chute.

Chute Out Alternate was spectacularly fun.

Greggy on a bonus hike today after picking the wrong chute. image: snowbrains

Smooth, slushy snow for the majority of the chute, almost no sluff, then a bit of icy-ness in the shade near the bottom, but only for a couple of turns.

I didn’t expect Chute Out Alternate to be so dynamic and fun. 

It was a line I could ski again and again because it has so many little fun options like a small spine and many different options of where and how to ski it.

Huge ice chunks from a cornice that came down on Saturday. image: snowbrains

Greggy accidentally skied the wrong chute and had to boot up for a minute then skied Banana and he said it skied great with no hard snow at all.

We were back to the car before noon.

Again, please be extra careful about the cornices in Ellery Bowl.

They are huge and shedding frequently right now.

Greggy coming out of Banana Chute on the right. image: snowbrains


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Greggy topping out on Ellery Bowl with the large, recently failing cornices. image: snowbrains
Bear Tracks at the bottom of Ellery Bowl. image: snowbrains
Top of Chute Out Alternate Spine. image: snowbrains
Greggy on a bonus hike today after picking the wrong chute. image: snowbrains
Chute out from the bottom. image: snowbrains
A salt-licking deer that stole my stinky socks last week. image: snowbrains

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