Alpine Meadows, CA Report: Saying Goodbye to Alpine Meadows 2019

Rochelle Swanson | | Conditions ReportConditions Report

Sunday, May 19, 2019, was one of the best powder days of the season and a great send-off to my first year at Alpine Meadows. In the early morning, Summit was on wind hold but they were running Roundhouse to Rock Garden, Sympathy Face, Charity, and Werner’s Schuss. Beyond the top of Yellow chair was roped off for the Hot Wheels construction project, already weeks underway.

Photo: Construction progress at Alpine Meadows 5/19/19. | SnowBrains


Our group was one of the first up Summit when it came off of wind hold. The visibility was limited, but the powder was great as we ventured off the edge and into Alpine Bowl. A few turns down, visibility improved and we had smooth turns all the way down to Charity. Every turn was fresh for the first two or three runs, and we were exhausted by noon. What a day!

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