[VIDEO] What it Took to Create a New Trail Map for Aspen Mountain, CO

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Aspen Snowmass discusses what it took to create a new mountain trail map for Aspen Mountain that incorporates the new Hero’s area. Artist Rad Smith put in a lot of detail, care, and commitment to produce the beautiful hand-rendered map, a craftsmanship that is becoming increasingly rare in the industry. The video also discusses the exciting impact the map will have on the local community and skiers, who will be able to explore new terrain with it.

A trail map is more than just a tool for navigating a mountain, it’s an art piece that showcases the convergence between the natural beauty of our landscapes and the outdoor recreation in which we partake. For the 2023-2024 winter season, we’re opening 150+ acres of new expert terrain, named Hero’s, to skiers and riders on Aspen Mountain. To bring this new terrain to life, we worked with the uniquely talented illustrator, Rad Smith, to create an all-new, hand-painted trail map.

Rad is one of the only people in the world with the skill, patience, and ski industry knowledge to paint maps with such a combination of artistic beauty and functional use. This map will define a new Aspen Mountain for a generation to come.

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Hero’s Trail Map, by Rad Smith. Credit: Aspen Snowmass

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