The SnowBrains Podcast #26 | Dr. Ethan Greene, Director of CAIC – Why Did the USA Have the Most Avalanche Deaths in History Last Season?

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Ethan Greene, snowbrains podcast
Dr. Ethan Greene on the SnowBrains Podcast.

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It’s early in the winter and I wish that everybody has a great rest of the season. Think about avalanches, but don’t let them prevent you from going out into the backcountry; there’s great recreation out there. Pick your days, pick your routes carefully, and have a really fun and safe winter.”

– Dr. Ethan Greene

My guest today is Dr. Ethan Greene. Dr. Greene has been the director of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center since 2005. He’s worked in the snow and avalanches since 1990. He grew up in Boulder, CO, and worked as a ski patroller at Big Sky Montana and as a backcountry avalanche forecaster for the Utah Avalanche Center. Dr. Greene has an undergraduate degree in meteorology. A Masters in atmospheric science. A Ph.D. in geoscience. He’s written two books on snow science and avalanches and has over 45 publications in the snow science world and he is obviously an avid backcountry skier.

Please enjoy!


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The SnowBrains Podcast Episode #26 – Dr. Ethan Greene – Why Did The USA Have The Most Avalanche Deaths in History Last Season?

Recorded on November 29, 2021, in Park City, UT (Miles Clark) and Leadville, CO (Dr. Ethan Greene).

This episode was edited by Jared White.

Music by Chad Crouch.

Host, producer, and creator = Miles Clark.

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