Alyeska, AK Report: Evening Backflips Over the Ocean on Closing Day

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Report from April 21, 2021

Yesterday was closing day at Alyeska Ski Resort in Girdwood, AK (they’ll reopen for 3 more weekends starting May 8) and we took full advantage.

This place has scoopy jumps etched into it all over the place.

Many of the landings are a bit flat and north facing so you have to wait until about 5 pm to really hit them hard.

Miles & Owen happy on the chair. image: snowbrains

We showed up at 2 pm and while waiting for the snow to soften, we cranked 2,500-vertical-feet top to bottom laps that were a hoot.

The locals were all costumed-up for closing day in bikinis, grass skirts, bright colors, and one guy even had a 2’x3′ speaker blasting AC/DC—which was rad.

Turnagain Arm slowly began to fill with water and sparkle like a precious stone.

The Wiggle! image: snowbrains

Mark Morris, Owen Leeper, and I threw flip after flip on the roller-jumps once they softened and we had an absolute riot.

After our last flips at 6 pm they shut down the lifts for the year and we slid into the legendary Sitzmark for beers and pretzels.

From there it was off to dinner at Hightower Pub in Girdwood for Halibut Tacos and PBR.

Waiting for the Glacier Bowl Express. image: snowbrains

Life is good in Girdwood, Alaska 🙂

Now that Alyeska is closed, we’ll be backcountry skiing around Girdwood for the next 3-days before flying back down to the real world on Thursday.

Long live springtime!

Buddy Princess! image: snowbrains

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image: alyeska, 4/26/21


image: noaa, 4/26/21


Party at the Sitzmark. image: snowbrains
Dinner at Hightower. image: snowbrains
PBR tallboy – a springtime classic. image: snowbrains

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