Antarctica [2.0] Day #4: Powder Snow, Leopard Seal, Shipwreck, Stunning Icebergs, & The Polar Plunge

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Leopard Seal. photo: the crew

Report from December 2, 2022

On ski day #4, we had a real treat.

On the initial skin up Nansen Island, the snow was firm and I was already setting expectations for my clients relatively low.

Then, we got to the top and backside of the mountain was reportedly skiing well.

They weren’t lying.

We dropped in and skied a long powder line through serac debris right down the the coastal ice cliffs.

We were stoked!

Leopard seal and shipwreck. image: snowbrains

We wrapped around and skied the same line again.

Then again.

After 3 big laps we were over 3,000-vertical-feet and satisfied.

Amazing icebergs. image: snowbrains

We called for a Zodiac ride to go check out icebergs and the local shipwreck, the Govenorn.

The icebergs were out of this world with blues you don’t see anywhere else.

On our way to the shipwreck we found a large Leopard Seal and gawked at it for an hour…

Dan ripping. image: snowbrains

Leopard Seals are ferocious and fearless – it certainly wasn’t afraid of us.

We also check out the shipwreck and learned its history – a whale oil ship that sunk there in 1915.

Right after skiing, we did the polar plunge and it made us high!

From the plunge to the outdoor BBQ.

A non-stop day…



Old whaling chains. image: snowbrains
Governorn shipwreck. image: snowbrains
Polar Plunge ready! image: snowbrains
Biggest blister of the trip! image: snowbrains
Outdoor BBQ. image: snowbrains
Leopard Seal. photo: the crew
Wowberg. image: snowbrains
Quark staff. image: snowbrains
blue blue. image: snowbrains
Penguin in the blue. image: snowbrains
Leopard Seal. photo: the crew

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