Turnagain Pass, AK Report: Corn Harvest on Our Last Day in Alaska

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Report from April 28, 2021

Wednesday was our final ski day in our month-long stay in Alaska.

We cruised up to Turnagain Pass and grabbed a quick 2,700-vertical-foot corn lap and called it a trip.

It was warm again yesterday with temps in the 50s and hiking attire in the T-shirt.

Over there… image: snowbrains

Only on the very summit did a cool breeze arrive and allow for jacket wearing.

After a 2-week stretch of sunny weather, a storm was finally on the horizon.

We were racing the clouds all day and they finally won, almost completely socking in our zone as we summited.

Owen. image: snowbrains

There were a few blue holes, so we were waiting and dropping in when one looked promising.

The skiing was great. 

Decent corn snow on a nice, wide-open pitch that flowed all the way down to the valley, then onwards to the car.

Owen grinding up. image: snowbrains

It’s been an incredible stay in Alaska this year.

This was our 13th trip to Alaska and, in many ways, our favorite.

I got a strong taste of what it would be like to live in Alaska on this trip, and I’ve got to say that I liked it.

Might I move to Alaska in the near future?

I think so…

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Owen likes it. image: snowbrains
Zones… image: snowbrains

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