Tahoe Backcountry Report: One of the Deepest Days We’ve Skied in Tahoe…

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Report from December 29, 2021

Lake Tahoe just saw over 200″ of snow in the month of December.

A record.

There is currently 10-16+ feet of snowpack right now and this place was literally dirt as recently as December 9, 2021.

* Snowpack depths above 7000′ are in the 10 to 16 + foot range! – Sierra Avalanche Center, 12/30/21

Buried. image: snowbrains

Given all this new snow, we decided to take our skis for a walk in the Tahoe backcountry yesterday.

It was deep.

Real deep.

Deep skin track. image: snowbrains

After the first run and how deep it was all I could think was:

“That was a religious experience.”

I got to the bottom and knew I should go home, but it was so deep and such a unique experience, I had to go back for one more.

Windy, deep, and sunny. image: snowbrains

The 2nd run was as deep as the first but a bit lower angle and at times, I just had to go straight to keep from augering in.

Pillow popping was especially fun, but it was so deep on the pillows that when you hit them, they’d explode and shoot snow in your face and you’d just plop off the other side.

Yesterday was a wild on in Lake Tahoe.

The road to skiing… image: snowbrains

Recent Reports

Avalanche Forecast

image: Sierra Avalanche Center, 12/30/21

Weather Forecast

image: noaa, 12/30/21


Dig out a parking spot. image: snowbrains
Wasatch Will. image: snowbrains
Deep Red Cedar. image: snowbrains
Up. image: snowbrains
Texture. image: snowbrains
Buried business. image: snowbrains

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