Teton Range, WY Report: 2 Awesome Chutes in Good Snow

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Report from February 8, 2021

I awoke at 3:30am today, drove from Utah to the Teton Range WY, skied 2 backcountry runs, went grocery shopping, did some prep, then interviewed Bode Miller (the winningest American male ski racer in history) for The SnowBrains Podcast.

Big, awesome day and I am tired and happy…..

The Tetons had a huge cycle this week that dropped about 4-feet of snow the past few days.

It snowed an inch or two last night with wind and things were nice and buffed out out there.

The snow is dense and responsive and kinda funky down low but damn fun.

We skied two fun chutes in mostly good snow and called it a day.

Since I was here last things are significantly more filled in and flowing together nicely.

I didn’t see any signs of avalanches nor instability today.

We stayed below 9,000′ today.

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