Teton Range, WY Report: Sunshine Sending!

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Report from February 27, 2021

We had sun today!

So few sunny days this month but now it looks like nothing but sun for a long stretch around here.

We skied 2 runs today.

One in the brilliant sunshine with great powder and a couple of fun airs.

Well, the snow was a bit funky down low as the sun had cooked it a bit, but I’m from Tahoe and I love that wet heavy snow.

The other run was in the shadows and the snow was good all the way down.

The sunny run was a stunning powder run with a couple of fun airs.

One flat landing and one steep landing and both damn fun.

On the sunny, east aspect I didn’t see any signs of instability nor avalanches.

On shady, north aspect we saw frequent mini, 5″ deep avalanches on ski cuts and turns on steeper slopes.

These mini avalanches didn’t run far.

Another group told us they got an entire chute to avalanche on a ski cut and it went 12″ deep and maybe about 100′ wide and ran 200′ downhill on a north aspect.

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image: JHavalanche.org, 2/27/21

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image: noaa, 2/27/21

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